Evolve Healthy

A Mindfulness Guide to Food & Body Liberation

Evolve Healthy is a 7-phased mindfulness guide that supports conscious action specific to NUTRITION, EXERCISE, SLEEP, STRESS MANAGEMENT, & BODY CONFIDENCE.  Read more



Book Reviews

“Evolve Healthy is much more than a nutrition book on what to eat. It is a journey into your daily thoughts, feelings, habits, securities, priorities and values. It exposes the WHY when choosing what we eat and how it makes us feel. This connection helps us approach food with a different relationship and thereby changes our thinking to create healthy habits. It starts with our soul and gives us, the reader, the courage to heal that core pain story. In doing so, the nutritional component we need can flourish along with our wellbeing and joyfully-healthy lifestyle. I see Jacquelin Danielle’s love and care for people rise out from the pages to embrace the reader as if she was doing life with them hand in hand. ~Ahren Graham, Myopractor (nltmovement.com)


“Need a book for the foodie, food-addicted or food-confused in your life!?! As much as I know about a clean diet, food medicine and movement, I found myself delighted and challenged by Evolve Healthy. You may know a LOT, but there’s always room to learn MORE-I certainly did!
This book is a wonderful tool for ANYONE that has ever struggled with food.

Maybe you’ve wrestled with your body image;
maybe you’ve wrestled with your weight.
Maybe you’ve struggled with knowing how to balance what’s on your plate; maybe you’ve never really known what you need to eat when trying to perform at your peek. This book can assist you. Find personal experience, educated instruction, informative data, challenging questions to cultivate self-awareness, playful practices and mindful exercise. Get to the root of your issues and find liberation!

This isn’t an encyclopedia of a book, so do not fret; it’s efficient format will allow you to easily work your way towards a more mindful approach to food and movement. Wanna know what’s even BETTER!? Evolve Healthy as designed to be a tool you can use on your own OR with others! Perfect for a small group or book club!!” ~ April Jones, LMT/Herbalist