About Jacquelin Danielle 


My book, Evolve Healthy

Hi! I am Jacquelin Danielle! I have an enormous, calculated vision for inspiring, empowering, and educating others  towards wholeness and well-being.


I am the Author of Evolve Healthy-A Mindfulness Guide to Food and Body Liberation, Professional Speaker, Seminar and Retreat Leader, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, Certified Vedic Thai Bodyworker, and Registered Yoga Teacher.

It is an honor to facilitate modalities that empower our innate ability to heal. I am available for nationwide, personal, private, small and large events, workshops, presentations, and retreats.

  • Somatic Breathwork
  • Vedic Thai Bodywork
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Movement, Music, and Dance
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Positive Body Image
  • Power in Posture
  • Fitness that Celebrates Life
  • Primal Expression Hiking
  • Good Sleep
  • Cultivating Self-Care Regimens
  • Meditation for Beginners
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Releasing Stress Techniques
  • Supplements
  • Facilitating Team Building
  • Revitalized Relationships


I am an independent business consultant specializing in health and wellness start ups. I create, implement, and evolve health and wellness operations, with branded creative programs, operational procedures, and team building.


My purpose is to love and share beautiful healing modalities that give life its VITALITY!


To lead us INWARD, where lies our energy and power! I want to guide others in their evolution with proven, effective habit changes in regards to choices about food, movement, and the balancing the nervous system. I empower with strategies and systems that create accountability and positive repetition. These impactful experiences focus on self-connection, education and reward!


Since 2001, I have served in my field as an entrepreneur, visionary and leader. I believe it is due to my free spirit and passion for holistic healthcare, that I have landed many leadership roles across the nation. My career highlights include: Outpatient Nutrition Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA. (2001-2003), Founder of Metamorphosis Fitness & Nutrition Studio, New Jersey (2004-2014). Corporate Director of Health & Fitness at Foster Wheeler, Inc., New Jersey. (2006-2014). Director of  Fitness & Wellness Director of Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ (2014-2016). Founder of the first outpatient nutrition clinic in Etowah County, Gadsden, Al. (2016-2018). Strength and conditioning coach & sports dietitian for USA gymnastics, Gadsden, Al. (2016-2018). Health & Fitness Columnist for The Gadsden Times (since 2016). Health & nutrition writer for Arizona Foothills Magazine (2018-2020). Director of Health & Fitness at The Country Club at DC Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ (2018-2021). National Consultant and Wellness Retreat facilitator (2016-present)


Today, I live and operate my national touring, and private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. I am lovingly partnered with Ahren Graham, Certified Myopracter, Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Vedic Thai Bodyworker, and Founder of New Life Therapeutics.