8 Week Evolve Healthy Challenge

Do you experience fear, self doubt, and frustration when thinking about the discipline it takes to eat nutritious foods, find time to exercise and meditate? Do you try to break ineffective habits, but fail time and time again?

Do you desire a solution to this dilemma?

Invest in your 8 Week Evolve Healthy Challenge, and I’ll help you overcome fear, self doubt, and frustration! I will lovingly challenge you to break bad habits, and directly create personalized EFFECTIVE habit systems, that will equip you to make weekly changes. Your new habits will be about choosing daily, quality food choices, making time to exercise and meditate!  You can expect to feel supported, understood, joyful, and equipped to Evolve Healthy one week at a time…


  1. How to inquire within to build self-trust and discipline….the pre-condition to FREEDOM!
  2. How to love my body while it’s undergoing its metamorphosis!
  3. What sugar cravings reflect, and how to eliminate them. (Yes, it’s possible)
  4. How meal timing controls appetite and how to adjust meal timing correctly according to the ghrelin system. Explaining insulin and glucagon in simple terms.
  5. How exercise, specific fatty acids and amino acids and meal timing interact to control hunger and satiety.
  6. What’s the science?  How to apply practical tools based on hunger and fueling your body to balance hormones and optimize brain functions.
  7. How to create a daily ritual, that empowers your health. Create habit stacks that equip you to prepare good nutritious foods, exercise and meditate, one effective habit change at a time.
  8. How to create boundaries that promote self-care.
  9. What supplements are safe, and which ones do I TRULY need?
  10. How to get a good night’s sleep.
  11. Your personalized MICRO and MACRO nutrient breakdown! It’s not just about carbs, proteins, and fat.
  12. How to eat a healthy diet without having to cook everyday.


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One to one sessions are scheduled with me on a weekly basis through virtual phone consultations.

Personalized to your needs, desires, and end game!

8 consecutive weeks = $999


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