07/19/2020 – 07/23/2020

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort 

Farmington, PA

This fitness and nutrition retreat offers a variety of unique fitness-related experiences and outdoor adventures. Every retreat includes daily, community breakfast, guided hiking at Ohio Pyle state park, biking, yoga, strength training, aqua fitness, bowling, adult gymnastics, and personalized, mindful nutrition coaching based on my book, Evolve Healthy.

Sunday July 19. 
6:30-8pm Gentle Yoga/Fitness Center
8-8:30pm Evolve Healthy, Book Reading/Fitness Center
Monday, July 20.
8:30-9:30am Functional Strength & Conditioning/Fitness Center
9:45-10:45am Group Breakfast at Autumn 
1-2:30pm Tour de Nemacolin. A playful, stop and go, bike ride around Nemacolin’s  2000 acres. 
8-8:30pm Evolve Healthy, Book Reading/The Lodge 
Tuesday, July 21.
8:30-9:30am Aqua Fitness/Spa pool
9:45-10:45am Group Breakfast at Autumn 
1:00-4:00pm OhioPyle State Park Hiking adventure.
8-8:30pm Evolve Healthy, Book reading/The lodge
Wednesday July 22
8:30-9:30am Vinyasa/Outdoors on property TBA
9:45-10:45am Group Breakfast 
1-2:30pm Adult Gymnastics/Hardy Girls Gym
7:00-8:00pm Fit Bowling/Adventure Center
8-8:30pm Evolve Healthy, Book Reading/adventure center
Thursday, July 23.
8:30-9:30am Gentle Yoga & Closing Meditation/Outdoor on property TBA
9:45-10:45am Group Breakfast 

Friends, please join me for the Mindful Body Revolution Retreat @ Nemacolin 🔆This 4 night #retreat will be all about the seven phases of my book, Evolve Healthy©️. You can expect a shift in your #mindset while being a part of this curriculum and within this beautiful location. We get to spend everyday together, several times a day, but also leaving you time to rest in #solitude! Come with a friend or come alone! You will be among a community of encouragement, where TOGETHER we will be creating #intentions, #goals and #actionplans for #nutrition #exercise #sleep & #stress management. We will be participating in #movement that celebrates life, (I.e. #yoga, #meditation, #strengthtraining, #aquafitness) and experiencing playful activities like “fit #bowling,” #adultgymnastics, and a #hike #ohiopylestatepark too! We will explore #selfcare rituals, like reading, #journaling, #napping, pool lounging,😋 and if you wish, spa sessions (OMG, nemacolin’s spa is delicious). Contact Nemacolin http://www.nemacolin.com/ for rates. Lodging and breakfast are included. PS—You would fly into Pittsburgh, PA. FYI Nemacolin is only 4.5 hour drive from New Jersey.

Love, jD