About Jacquelin Danielle 


Jacquelin Danielle, better known as Danielle.


Danielle has a purpose is to educate others about mindfulness practices, fitness and nutrition. Her vocations are physical training (stability and mobility) and food science! She walks the walk as a qualified healthcare professional, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializing in sports performance nutrition. Combining her dietetic profession with her national credentials as a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified golf fitness specialist, and yoga teacher, sets her apart!


To help people do what they already want to do! Healthy habits are not formed by repetition, but by positive experiences, and I am focused on bringing the connection, education and fun to empower just that!


A University of Alabama graduate, Danielle’s top notch sports nutrition and strength & conditioning credentials qualify her to work with a range of individuals from the untrained body to the professional and collegiate athlete and sports teams. Danielle is a certified strength and conditioning specialist CSCS®; a professional who applies scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. She conducts sport and lifestyle specific testing sessions that engage both neurological and physical mechanics. She designs and implements safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition, quality rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Recognizing that this area of expertise is separate and distinct! Additionally, Danielle is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute as a golf fitness specialist.


  • USA gymnastics 1980-1995
  • Strength & Conditioning since 1996
  • Fitness America Competitor 1999-2004
  • Triathlons 2005
  • Cycling Tours 2006-2010
  • Women’s Flat Track Pro Roller Derby 2010-2013
  • GOTrek cycling team 2017-2018


Since 2001, Danielle has served in her field as an entrepreneur, visionary and leader. Her free spirit and passion for holistic healthcare, landed her leadership roles across the nation. Career highlights include: Outpatient Nutrition Clinic, Pittsburgh, PA. (2001-2003), Founder of Metamorphosis Fitness & Nutrition Studio, New Jersey (2004-2014). Corporate Director of Health & Fitness at Foster Wheeler, Inc., New Jersey. (2006-2014). Director of  Fitness & Wellness Director of Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ (2014-2016). Fitness Adventure Retreat facilitator at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA (2016-2018). Founder of the first outpatient nutrition clinic in Etowah County, Gadsden, Al. (2016-2018). Strength and conditioning coach & sports dietitian for Zee’s gymnastics at ACE of Gadsden, Al. (2016-2018). Health & Fitness Columnist for The Gadsden Times (since 2016). Director of Health & Fitness at The Country Club at DC Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ (2018-present). Health & nutrition writer for Arizona Foothills Magazine (2018-2019).


Today, Danielle lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her (above) standard poodle, Sadie Pearl. Danielle enjoys strength training, Yoga, and Qi Gong most days of the week. Her favorite outdoor workouts include: walking, cycling, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding. Her hobbies include seeking outdoor adventures, playful experiences, continuing education, painting, journaling, singing, playing guitar, camping and thrift store shopping.


Danielle is an absolute difference maker to those lives that she comes in touch with. Her engaging approach to fitness and nutrition have helped our team collaborate to previously unmatched heights. Danielle’s approach to overall wellness by reviewing prior trends, using science to confirm or dispel rumors, is easy to understand and implement into our daily lives as evidenced by her work with our Club membership. From her first day as a member of our leadership team, she has shown herself to be a primary thought partner for our Club Community as we strive for continued greatness.

Kyle Draper, GM/COO, Scottsdale, Arizona